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Top Things to Do in Paris, France

Paris is a must-see travel destination, because of its history as well as its great museums with their outstanding artwork exhibitions. The picturesque café terraces of Boulevard Saint-Germain, the Seine River and the Notre-Dame Cathedral leave travelers speechless and create a sense of magic in the atmosphere.

In Paris Exhibition of 1889, Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel designed the Eiffel Tower as landmark of the French Revolution. The 324-meter height ranks the Eiffel Tower as the second highest building after the Empire State Building.

Louvre Museum, one of the most famous world’s museums, began to be used as the royal palace residence of France's Kings. A large collection of more than 30.000 masterpieces of art are included in Louvre Museum. Many of them are dated back to the 15th -19th centuries. Created by Leonardo da Vinci, the painting of the Mona Lisa (La Gioconda) is one of the most interesting artwork for visitors. In addition, visitors can admire many other exceptional artworks, such as the Venus de Milo sculpture, the Victory of Samothrace sculpture and the painting of the Wedding Feast at Cana.

In the opposite side of Louvre Museum, you will find the Palais-Royal. It was used as palace residence of Cardinal Richelieu, but later belonged to royal family. Surrounded by the beautiful garden of the Jardin du Palais-Royal, sixty pavilions have been constructed in the garden area.

Walk in the Luxembourg Gardens, where the 17-century Palais du Luxembourg lies on. The present form of the gardens designed in the 19th century by J.F. Chalgrin. See the well-known fountain of the gardens, the Fontaine de Médicis.

Constructed in 1163, the architectural design of the Notre-Dame Cathedral is the Early Gothic style. Admire the outstanding decoration of the Cathedral, which consists of sculptures, gargoyles, flying buttresses as well as the Gallery of Kings offering a spectacular sight to visitors.

Another extraordinary construction is the Basilique Sacré-Coeur, which sits at the highest point in Paris. Its architecture combines a mix of Romanesque and Byzantine styles, which are made using alabaster. Undoubtedly, it is worth to be visited the Sacré-Coeur and Quartier Montmartre.

Visit the Orsay Museum and explore a large collection of artworks of Impressionism. Come closer to the most popular Impressionist masterpieces. In the Orsay Museum, you can learn more about art history of Impressionism.

Designed by Charles Garnier, the Palais Garnier Opera House is an exceptional sight, because of its architectural design. Poetry, Music, Idyll, Recitation, Song, Drama and Dance are represented by seven sculptures, which have been created in the facade of the Opera House building. The inside decoration and the Grand Escalier offer an impressive spectacle to visitors.

In the Pantheon, some of the greatest people of France have been buried, such as Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Victor Hugo. It designed by Jacques-Germain Soufflot after the King’s, Louis XV, command in 1756.

Other important must-see sight in Paris is the Arc de Triomphe, which is a landmark of the Revolution and the First Empire of the Napoleonic Wars, as well as the Versailles Palace.

Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of city’s life crossing the Seine River by a boat. Walk in the streets of the Boulevard Saint-Germain and the Boulevard Montparnasse.



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