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Top Things to Do in New York City

Walk in the busy streets of New York City and pass through the popular Central Park. Visit the famous Statue of Liberty and enjoy the panoramic view from the highest 360 degree open-air Observation Deck of the Empire State Building. Live an unforgettable experience in the Broadway Theater District. Explore two of the most impressive museums in USA, the American Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).

Best Things to See and Do in New York City | Everything You Need to Know

1. Statue of Liberty

The well-known statue is globally a significant landmark of freedom of the USA. It stands as a symbol of freedom, probably the most essential right in a democratic state. The statue remains there for approximately one and half century, since it was built on the 28th October 1886. It is considered to have been a contribution by France, a kind of gift, to the American nation. Its impressive height, being 152-feet tall, makes it easy to be visible from various spots, but a closest look is strongly recommended for anyone who wants to detect the majesty of this sight. To reach the statue is not difficult, but there is no alternative except for traveling by boat, since it is located on the Liberty Island in the Upper New York Bay. Visitors, who grasp the chance to travel by boat and visit the statue, should also be patient and walk a while inside the statue, where a stairway goes up to the crown. From there, a magnificent view of New York city rewards any visitor.

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2. Central Park

Located in the heart of Manhattan, Central Park is divided into sections, combining the part which is the park, another part where museums are found and another part that is destined for musical events, such as concerts. The park is really huge, extended in an area of 843-acres and hosts some sights, many of which are totally free of charge. Among them, one has to refer to Belvedere Castle, Strawberry Fields, Zoo and Lake, as well. Among others, visitors will surely come across with numerous fountains and sculptures. Bridges and various monuments make the scenery up. Central Park is daily open to visitors on a particular time schedule and various events take place here. The vital role of Central Park to the New York citizens is really very important, because it constitutes an oasis in the noisy city of New York. Sheep Meadow is the ideal place for relaxing, sunbathing and enjoying a meal peacefully at the heart of the metropolis.

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3. Metropolitan Museum of Art

Without doubt, Metropolitan Museum of Art, known as the Met, belongs to these museums that memories of any visitor remain indelible. Exhibits are of various types (i.e. sculptures, paintings etc.) and come from countries around the world (i.e. Egypt). It is surely a grand collection of art, giving to visitors the unique opportunity to have a look of each object, which really constitutes a mastepiece of art. The Met is comprised of different art exhibitions, each of which is housed in one of the following three historical buildings: the Met Fifth Avenue, the Met Breuer and the Met Cloisters. From the moment, the Met opened its doors to the public, on 1872, it was the main attraction for any visitor interested in the art. Until now, it globally holds court with reference to art of any historical era. The exhibition consists of more than two millions artworks of really historical significance, proving that there were skillful artists even 5.000 years ago.

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4. Empire State Building

Manhattan, apart from the Central Park, is the area, where Empire State Building is situated, offering a great view of the city. In fact, it is very easy to distinguish the Empire State Building due to its height. Specifically, it stands out, because it is 1.250-feet tall and, as it is obvious, being on the top of that building is combined with a magnificent view of the whole city. However, visitors have restricted access inside the building. It is permitted to reach the 86th as well as the 102nd floor, where observatories have been formed for the purpose of attracting visitors. Finally, it must be noted that, despite its size, Empire State Building was built within a relatively short period of one year and 45 days.

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5. Brooklyn Bridge

This iconic bridge of Gothic style connects the Lower Manhattan with Brooklyn. Its construction was completed in 1883 after fourteen years and it had a pivotal role in the New York city configuration, because from 1883 and then, namely once the transport from and to Brooklyn became real, the latter is considered a part of New York city. The architect of Brooklyn Bridge was John A. Roebling, who was born in Germany in 1806 and removed to the USA as an immigrant, but he died before the bridge began to being built. After his death, the construction was supervised by his son as chief engineer. By a technological view, Brooklyn Bridge has been considered a great achievement under the circumstances of that period and, bearing in mind also that until 1890 it was the longest bridge worldwide. Walking across the bridge is definitely an unforgettable experience.

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6. The 9/11 Memorial Museum

The memorial is dedicated to the victims of the terrorist attacks held on the 11th of September of 2001. Approximately, 3.000 people lost their lives, as a consequence of thetwo consecutive attacks that took place on the above date and resulted in the destruction of the Twin Towers and the demise of almost 3.000 people. At first sight, visitors come across with two pools, around of which there is a list of the victims’ names. Walking carefully between these two pools, visitors find the 9/11 Memorial Museum, where they can be informed about the horrific events of that period.

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7. Grand Central Station

One of the most magnificent historical buildings in New York is, undoubtedly, the Grand Central Station, whose function began in 1913. It is a monument to Beaux Arts and is decorated with numerous sculptures, such as those above the main entrance, which depict Minerva, Mercury, and Hercules. These three sculptures comprise the ‘Glory of Commerce, which was manufactured in 1914 by the sculptor Jules-Felix Coutan. Generally, Central Station has so many hidden ‘treasures’, such as the Tiffany Clock, and, undeniably, is worth visiting.

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8. Rockefeller Center

The downtown of Manhattan is a lovely place for shopping by virtue of the prodigious complex, consisted of 19 buildings, known as the Rockefeller Center. Here, inside the 70-story skyscraper visitors can enjoy shopping, whereas there are many cafes, where visitors can have a rest for a while wandering in this huge complex. Alternatively, this American skyscraper is also known as Rockefeller Plaza, built by the Rockefeller family. The skyscraper is 156 meters high and here there are the headquarters of many companies, such as the General Electric. Rockefeller plaza is also the ideal place for families. Ice skating is feasible in the Rink, which is full of people having fun during a classic ice skating session. Finally, from the 67th, 69th and 70th floor, where the Rock Observation Deck is accessible, the outlook is astonishing.

9. Theater District

In the heart of New York city, Theater District attracts many visitors, many of whom make the decision to attend a Broadway show. The experience of being present at a show like that is definitely unique and demonstrates the global public acclaim of Broadway. In Broadway, apart from the shows, there is also the well-known Times Square. There, the 9th tallest in New York and the 113th in the World New York Times Tower makes its presence felt. It is said that the number of visitors pay a visit on Times Square amounts to 39 million visitors on an annual basis.



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