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Top Things to Do in Finland

Finland, one of the best world’s travel destinations, consists of a mix of historical and cultural attractions as well as great natural wonders. The largest city and capital of Finland is Helsinki. In Finland there are plenty of natural beauties. Lakes, waterfalls and rivers make it a Nordic playground, where many activities are available during the winter and summer.

Porvoo is a very old village consisted of charming colorful houses, mainly red but in other colors, as well. The Cathedral of the village is sited on the hill, offering a panoramic view of the village. In that small village, visitors do not get bored, since there are a few sights worth visiting, such as museums. The two museums located in the Market Square give visitors the opportunity to come in contact with the history and the local art. In particular, the first one has to with the history of the village, whereas the other, known as the Edelfelt-Vallgren Museum, is related to the art and the Art Nouveau movement.

Lake Saimaa is the largest lake of Finland, hosting thousand islands. It is said to cover an area of about 1,300 square kilometers and an amazing delta river is also worth visiting. River Vuoksi, the length of which is estimated to be 162 kilometers, ends up to Lake Saimaa. Among the cities of the thousand islands, Savonlinna is considered to the main city. There, you will find the Olavinlinna Castle, dated back in 1475. Near the city of Savonlinna, Kerimäki is the largest wooden church in the world. A must-do thing in the lake region are the boat cruises.

Lemmenjoki National Park is a huge area covered with dense forest, where visitors have plenty of choices to spend their time. Hiking is a fantastic idea and you can stay in huts, either a simple hut or a ‘luxury’ one with more facilities. This forest area is the homeplace for many animals, including endangered species, such as brown bears, wolves, wild golden eagles, moose and reindeer.

In Hämeenlinna there is the well-known Tavastehus Castle, dated back in the 13th-century, as well as the Aulanko Nature Reserve, which was constructed between 1883 and 1938. Climbing is also available in Aulangonvuori Hill, where you will find a spectacular tower of 30 meters high. In Hämeenlinna, the Finnish composer Jean Sibelius was born in 1865 and dies at the age of 92, in 1957.

Turku is a historical sight of Finland, taking into account that it was the former capital of the country and it was the place, where Swedish Vikings began their attempt to conquer Finland. Clearly, it is a medieval town in Finland with old streets and medieval buildings. Down along the shore of the river many boats have been turned into restaurants. The landmark of the town is the medieval cathedral in the Old Great Square. The bank-shore is full of moored ships and boats of different type, such as boats using for the carriage of goods by sea. Also, Turku Castle worth a visit for a nice walk and get a wonderful feeling of the medieval times, when the town prospered.

The Arctic Circle is closely linked to the town of Rovaniemi, which is considered to be the town-entrance to the Arctic. During the summer, the Midnight Sun is a spectacular natural phenomenon. Here, you will hear the phrase "White Nights", because sometimes the sun is never hidden. Rovaniemi, despite its adverse weather conditions, offers a wide variety of activities, such as canoeing, swimming and fishing. Santa Claus is said to come from this town, bearing the name also of the Santa Claus Village. Reindeer here is the animal most seen.

Visiting the north part of Finland gives you the opportunity to have a spectacular view of Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). Near the Arctic Circle, between September and March, visitors surely will have the opportunity to see Aurora Borealis, given that the sky is clear.



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