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10 Days in Myanmar - The Diamond of Asia

For a long time I wanted to travel in Myanmar. Finally, my dream came true in the last summer. I will never forget this experience. It is one of the best destinations I have ever traveled in my life. I spent 10 days in Myanmar and except for Naypyidaw I explored some of the most extraordinary and outstanding places that I have ever seen in my life. So, I decided to write this post, because I wanted to share with you what were the best places and sights that I visited in Myanmar.

How Can You Spend Your Travel Days in Myanmar? | Best Things to See and Do

1. Shwedagon Pagoda

The most famous pagoda all over the country is surely the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, one of the busiest cities of the country. It is a landmark of Yangon that is worth a visit due to its majestic size and decoration. Also, it is one of the most significant religious sites of Myanmar that travelers should not miss at all. Admire the breathtaking view of the city of Yangon and learn about Buddhism, which is the official religion in Myanmar.

2. The Temples of Bagan

Bagan is one of the cities that every traveler should visit once upon his arrival in Myanmar. It has a long religious tradition and is considered a symbol in the history of Myanmar, as it was the capital of the ancient Pagan Kingdom. In addition, the temples of Bagan are characterized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and constitute spectacular scenery and unique all over the world. A hot-air balloon ride in Bagan is a good idea for a panoramic view of the plain that hosts approximately two thousand temples. On that location, once in the past, there were ten thousand temples, but now their number has been reduced significantly. Despite their decrease in numbers, the rest two thousand temples make the sight unique.

3. Hsinbyume Pagoda

This pagoda is very special due to its white colour, which is difficult met in the numerous pagodas generally. Started to being built in 1816, the construction was terminated in 1819 and it was a symbol of the Konbaung dynasty. It is also considered a symbol of love, because it is said that the construction of the Hsinbyume Pagoda by Bagydawprince took place, because of the death of his wife. The Hsinbyume Pagoda suffered damages and was again rebuilt to a significant extent in 1874 by King Mindon.

4. U Bein Bridge

Dated back in 1850, the U Bein Bridge is the oldest bridge all over the world. The most remarkable though is the fact that this bridge is also the longest, as it runs 1.2 kilometers. The location of the Bridge is unforgettable, crossing above the Taungthaman Lake. It would be better to have a walk on U-Beinbridge during sunset, even though it is noisy at that time due to the crowds.

5. The Mandalay Palace

Mandalay Palace is a historical building, dated back to the 19th century (1857-1859), being the royal palace during the last Burmese monarchy. The architecture of the Palace is representative of the traditional Burmese architecture and despite its reconstructions and renovations continues to give to travelers a sense of the typical example of palace in Myanmar.

6. Stupas in Kakku and Indein

In Kakku, there are approximately 2.478 stupas, although this number is disputed. Pa’O people live here and Stupas have great religious essence for these people. Similarly, in Indein there are numerous stupas that play the same role as the stupas in Kakku. The differentiation among all these stupas is that those located in Indein have three colours: red, white and brown.

Don’t forget to include all the above places in your program if you visit Myanmar. I visited all of them and I can’t describe in words how amazing it was.

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