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Marrakech, Morocco: Tips and Tricks – Everything You Need to Know

What Must You Know Before Your Travel in Marrakech, Morocco - Travel Tips

General Tips for Life in Marrakech, Morocco

· Currency : Dirham (exchange rate: 10dh = 1€)

· Average Temperature: 20 °C

· Better season for visiting: October – November

· It is strictly prohibited to kiss each other in religious sites

· Friday is public holiday in Morocco

· It is prohibited to cut any palm leaf. The penalties range from a financial fine to imprisonment.

· Alcohol consumption is prohibited at public spaces.

· SOS: you have to bring with you a pen. Before the passport control there are stands with forms of personal data. You take one of these forms and you complete it.

· Do not visit Morocco during Ramazan. Many shops close very early and many of them remain totally closed.

· If you stay in a Riad, prefer a room on any floor. Ground floor rooms may be cheaper, but they are noisy and sticky.

· Drink only bottled water.

· The use of drones is prohibited and seizure of them takes place in case of use.

· In the Old Town (Medina) you must be very careful, because there is no police and, as a consequence, there are many frauds and thefts.

· It is strongly recommended to bring with you wipes or a hand cleaner.

Menara Airport - Marrakech Center

· Bus No. 19: Cost 30 MAD (Moroccan Dirham) for one-way route. Frequency: every 20-30 minutes. Time: 30 minutes to Jemaa El Fna Square.

· By taxi: The fare is 100 MAD, time: 15 minutes.


· On the roads there is only chaos.

· Be careful while driving from one city to another through “highways”. You may come across with animals, bicycles and whatever else you may imagine.

· Attention to the speed limits. There is police outside each town and it uses speed cameras.

· Keep a safe distance from the trucks, because they are overloaded and dangerous.

· Be very careful while driving at night.


· Do not eat street food. Ask hotel receptionist what restaurants are safe and where you can eat traditional food. Enjoy tasty Moroccan dishes in good restaurants with excellent quality of food.

· Do not forget to take stomach pills with you.

· Drink only bottled water.

· You can find alcohol only in hotels and some specific stores.

· Moroccan people eat a lot of chicken and lamb. In Morocco, meals are usually served with grilled vegetables or rice.

· Tajine is a traditional Moroccan food, which is cooked and served in a clay pot.

· Try the local goat cheese.

The Old Town of Marrakech (Medina)

· During the sunset, many street food stores open in Jemaa El Fna square.

· See the famous dance of the cobra snake when you visit Jemaa El Fna square.

· Buy water before start walking in the streets of the old town (Medina) as it is not easy to find water into Medina.

· If you choose to buy from a store, near the Marrakech tanneries, make a hard bargain. However, you will find the same leather products 30-50% cheaper in other areas of the old town (Medina).

· Do not visit tanneries in Marrakech in the summer because of their very bad smell.

· Do not be afraid to get lost in its narrow streets. See how local people spend their time daily.

· Visit the Majorelle Garden early in the morning, if you want to avoid the most of tour groups and tourists.

· The best place, if you want to take a good photo of the Koutoubia Mosque, is the Lalla Hasna park. The best time for photography is during the sunset, when there are so beautiful colors in the sky. Only Muslims can visit the mosque.

· Souks close at sunset time.

· In the crowded markets of the old town (Medina) of Marrakech you shall not be alone. Always one of you should walk in front of the other. Be careful your personal things and bags.

· You will be approached for cannabis.

Safari in Merzouga Desert

· There are many tour companies if you want to take part in a safari in Merzouga desert. However, be careful, before you pay and book a safari tour.

· The temperature in the desert goes down 18 degrees at night. Make sure you have warm clothes with you.

· The internet signal is very good during the trip in the desert.

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