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Best Cheap Places to Travel in the Balkans

1. Dalmatian Coast, Croatia

One of the most exciting places to explore in the Balkans is the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. The historic city of Dubrovnik is one of the most-visited destinations in the Dalmatian Coast that surrounded by the Adriatic Sea.

Constructed in 1537, the Pile Gate is one of two main entrances to the Old City of Dubrovnik, which is an UNESCO World Heritage site. During the medieval time period the people of Dubrovnik were protected by the huge defensive walls of the city. Walk in the 300-meter long pedestrian Stradun, which is the main street of the old city.

Take part in sightseeing tours and explore Cathedral of Dubrovnik and its great artifacts in the Treasury. Take photos in the historic Loggia Square in front of the Church of St. Blaise with Orlando's Column (Orlandov stup) and the Loggia of the Bells that are dated back to 1480 and they were used as an early warning system. Discover the 37-meter high Lovrijenac fort (St. Lawrence fortress) that was built on a rocky promontory in order to protect the city.

One of the best things to do in Dubrovnik is to take part in a Game of Thrones sightseeing tour and explore the places where the popular show was filmed. Another unforgettable experience to live when visiting Dubrovnik is to take the cable car that climbs up to the hills. Enjoy the spectacular view above the Old City and Adriatic Sea.

In addition, a great idea is to take a day trip from Dubrovnik and explore magnificent Montenegro, picturesque Mostar and the stunning natural wonder of Kravica Waterfalls. Finally the National Park of Plitvice Lakes is worth a visit, as it is an extraordinary natural wonder. There are sixteen emerald-blue lakes connected by waterfalls and lie in steep forested hillsides.

Best Things to Do in Dubrovnik

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2. Slovenia

Slovenia, one of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans, attracts many travelers every year. Visit Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and walk around the scenic streets of the city. Take a photo in Tromostovje (Triple Bridge), where there are three bridges that span the river. Ljubljana has plenty of buildings with baroque-architecture style. In the city’s squares you can admire different kinds of sculptures and masterpieces of art. Don’t forget to discover the Ljubljana Castle and climb to the Clock Tower.

Take a day trip outside of Ljubljana and explore the popular Lake Bled, which is one of the top natural sites in the world. There is a church on a small island that surrounded by emerald waters of Lake Bled. The place is perfect for kayaking, canoeing and many other outdoor activities. Also, there is the 17th-century Bled Castle, where you can enjoy the great view over the lake.

Another amazing natural destination for outdoor lovers is the Triglav National Park, where you can admire the picturesque landscape of the Julian Alps that surrounded by the waters of Lake Bohinj. In addition, a great spot for winter sports fans is the Kranjska Gora that located in the northwest area of Slovenia. Finally, a must-see place in Slovenia is the well-preserved medieval old town of Skofja Loka that has rich cultural heritage. It is worth to take a day trip to Skofja Loka, which has been built 18 miles away from Ljubljana.

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3. Bosnia-Herzegovina

Being the muslim capital of Balkans, Sarajevo fascinates any visitor that stay in the town either for a shorter or a longer period. Sarajevo maintains its fantastic vibes throughout the year due to its picturesque and unique sites, people’s hospitality and traditional fantastic food (burek and ćevapi). Landmark of the city is the old town, called as Baščaršija, that is full of historical buildings, sights and other sightseeing.

Mostar, along the bunks of river Neretva, is a beautiful scenic city. The landmark is the well known Stari Most (Old Bridge), which was built by the Ottomans during the 16th century, and provides to visitors an amazing view of the town.

Kravice waterfalls surely consist one of the most beautiful natural sites in the in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Trebizat river provides constantly the appropriate amount of water in the Kravice waterfalls throughout the year. Visit the waterfalls and walk, swim or take part in outdoor activities. Regarding the size of the waterfall, it is estimated to be 25 meters high and separated into 20 falls, which shape a very large lake on the bottom.

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4. Montenegro

The 259-kilometer coastline of Montenegro is wet by Adriatic Sea. Luxury hotels have been built in Budva Riviera, which is the number one summer destination. Explore the old town of Budva, where you will find great restaurants and hotels.

Another outstanding place in Montenegro is the UNESCO-protected medieval old town of Kotor. Admire the fjord and the scenic Bay of Kotor as well as swim in the Adriatic Sea.

Best Things to Do in Montenegro

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5. Romania

The capital of Romania, Bucharest, consists of historic buildings that are dated back to 15th and 16th centuries. The most-visited sight is the Palace of the Parliament (or People's House), which is the second largest building in the world after the Pentagon. Close to the Palace of Parliament, you will find the Revolution Square, where more than 100.000 people rose up against the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

Explore the magnificent mountains and forests of Transylvania. Admire the scenic landscapes of Transylvania and visit the Bran Castle, which inspired the Irish author Bram Stoker to write the novel “Dracula”. Discover the old town of Sibiu, the UNESCO historic center of Sighisoara, the medieval city of Brasov and the most vibrant city of Romania, Cluj-Napoce.

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6. Serbia

Built in the confluence of the Sava and Danube Rivers, Belgrade is the largest city of Serbia. Belgrade has rich history that related with Vinca culture (6th BC), Slavs, Ottomans and the great Yugoslavia before becoming the capital of Republic of Serbia.

One of the most popular historic sites is the Kalemegdan fortress in Kalemegdan Park, where there is also the Military Museum. As it is known, the religious community in Serbia is very strong. So, close to the Kalemegdan fortress and in many streets of the city of Belgrade, there are many Orthodox churches.

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