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Best Budget Riads in Marrakech, Morocco - Budget Accommodation

Morocco is considered as one of the most special and beautiful countries in North Africa. A characteristic of Moroccan people are their familiar smile on their faces. They are very friendly.

Marrakech is one of the most popular destinations in Morocco. The impressive Arabic architecture, known also as Moorish architecture, and the intense oriental interior design of buildings attract many visitors around the world every year.

The old city of Marrakech is known as Medina. Here, there are riads, which are the traditional houses in Morocco that are built around a central courtyard with windows facing inwards to protect privacy. There are riads, where you can stay and spend some days understanding more about life in Morocco.

Best Budget Riads for Accommodation in Marrakech, Morocco

1. Riad Sapphire

Riad Sapphire is one of the most popular riads in Medina. This is a great choice if you want to travel on a budget. Breakfast is included in booking price. The inside of riad consists of two marble courtyards and a beautiful rooftop terrace with impressive design. There is also a spa and a hammam place, where you can relax during your free time.

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2. Riad Dar Thalge

Located close to Djemaa el-Fna, which is the main square of Marrakech, Riad Dar Thalge is a beautiful riad with elegant rooms. It has a courtyard pool and a patio that framed by Arabesque arches. The room facilities of this riad have everything you need. Spend your nights in air-conditioned rooms. Enjoy your breakfast near the pool. Riad Dar Thalge is a budget riad, which was renovated in 2011.

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3. Rodamon Riad Marrakech

Built in the center of Marrakech, Rodamon Riad is a perfect choice for budget travelers. Here, backpackers, couples and families can spend their days learning more about the traditional life of Moroccan people. Rodamon Riad is very impressive with a patio made of mosaic tiles. There is also a pool. Inside Rodamon Riad, you will find quiet places where you can relax. From the terrace you can enjoy the view of Marrakech city.

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4. Dar Al Hamra

Located in Medina, close to the markets (souks) and in the opposite side of the Bab Doukkala mosque, Dar Al Hamra riad consists of comfortable rooms with air-condition. Enjoy your breakfast tasting traditional food on the terrace looking from above the city of Marrakech. This riad is one of the good accommodation choices for travelers, who want to travel on a budget.

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5. Riad Porte Royale

One of the best choices for accommodation is Riad Port Royale, which consists of a beautiful mix of traditional Arabic features and a modern architecture with impressive interior design. There is a small pool where you can relax. From the terrace you can enjoy the spectacular view of Marrakech city eating your breakfast. The room facilities are excellent and the staff is very kind and helpful.

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6. Riad Shambala

Before few years this riad opened. It is a traditional Moroccan house with impressive oriental design materials and furniture. Guests will live an unforgettable experience understanding better and learn more about life in Morocco. The rooms are large and convenient. You will relax and enjoy a good sleep.

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7. Riad Matham

Dated back to 16th century, this house is a perfect accommodation choice. It has excellent room facilities. Staff is very helpful and kind. There is a pool in central courtyard where you can enjoy your breakfast and relax when you have free time.

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8. Riad el Youssoufi

Built in a quiet place of Medina, this beautiful riad with impressive architecture and interior design is one of the best choices for accommodation. Riad El Youssoufi is close to all local sights. Staff is helpful and kind.

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9. Riad O2

All the usual amenities one would expect from a riad, but the Riad O2 has the most stunning rooftop terrace where there are tents and loungers. Here, you will also find a hammam inside riad.

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10. Riad Kasbah Baraka

Located in Medina, this beautiful riad with Arabic architecture and oriental interior design is a perfect place for accommodation. Room facilities and services are excellent. Staff responds quickly and kindly to the needs of guests.

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